CCA Event results!

Our first Common Club Airplane (CCA) event is in the books and the results are posted here:  CCA Results

I will update this as soon after each session as possible so you can keep an eye on the “leader board”.   There is a link to it on the event page as well.

The first event featured 12 pilots competing in a contest to see who could do the most “roops” in 90 seconds including landing on the runway.  It was a double elimination style contest, so 1 loss did NOT eliminate anyone… guaranteeing a bit more flying for every pilot.  There was a bonus for successfully landing on the runway, and a penalty for any parts landing separately or flipping over the airplane on landing.  In spite of all of that, there were several tied rounds and the competition was tough all the way to end with the final face off requiring 3 straight flights between the 1st and 2nd place competitors to determine a winner!!

Come out and check out the fun at our next event!  Thanks to the organizers and volunteers who helped make it so happen.  Even with all of that, we finished up in around 2 hours.