Here is a list of upcoming events for 2024 at the Indianapolis RC Modelers Blue River Airpark.  These events are open to members and non-members alike.  Links will be added for event details as the dates approach so check back.

NOTE: We’ve made a few changes this year!!!

May 11 – EDF Fly In / Fun Fly

This is our ‘all EDF Jet powered aircraft’ event of the year.  This will have a wide variety of EDF jets flying throughout the day.  We plan to have some special awards given out for participants, and have a few impromptu EDF competition events.  For the time of this event, only Electric Ducted Fan aircraft are allowed to be operated.  Come see some unique airplanes, high-speeds and fun times!  For more info click on the following – 2024 EDF  Spring Fling 24

June 8 – Cubs and Floaty Flyers

This is an event for Cubs and similar planes that tend to “float” in the air. Just a fun day of flying for the more sedate flyer.  No water involved.

July 6 – Warbirds over Blue River

This year we’ve decided that the War Birds deserve their day.  Join us for our inaugral event.  All sizes and types of war birds are welcome.   For more info click on the following – IRCM WoBR 24

Aug 17 – Toys for Tots Flyin

This is our annual fund raiser for Toys 4 Tots. Bring a new (not gift wrapped) toy or minimum contribution TBD as your landing fee and come out and enjoy flying and contributing to a great cause.

Sep 21 – All Fly in the Fall –  Fly and Swap Meet

Fly in for all types and sizes of RC aircraft. Large Geotex and grass runway with wide open spaces. Over-night camping available, no connections.

The following events are for club members only… 

Here is the 2024 Schedule for the Common Club Airplane Program (CCAP). Come on out and have some flying fun as a member!  For more details check out this flyer:  CCA Event Flyer

IRCM Common Club Airplane Event Dates 2024

April 20 (Special “Easy Fly” Kickoff – Everyone Try It!)
May 25
June 22
July 20
August 24
September 7
October 5


Latest results for the CCA ’24 are here:  CCA24


For a more comprehensive list of events in the surrounding area, the Indianapolis RC South club maintains a very nice calendar.  Here is a link to it:  Calendar