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TNX to Tim we are back up and running but of course there is lots of work to be done to get this website fully cleaned up and working.  I (Jack) have started putting up the current and previous newsletters, a links page and some other general cleanup.  I know Tim is still working to restore much of the general info from the old web site.  Please bear with us while we continue with construction.  Feel free to contact Tim or myself with suggestions for anything missing or you’d like to see added.



2 thoughts on “Web Site work ongoing…”

  1. Hi all,
    As discussed at the last meeting I have added links to Heads Up RC. We have an affiliate relationship with them now which means if you click on a link to them from our website and subsequently purchase anything, the club receives a small fee from Heads Up. Please consider purchasing from them through these links. Some of our members are already customers and have reported good service from this vendor.

    1. Hello there. Just wanted to pass on a note to you folks.
      Erik Nelson passed away this past Monday (feb18th) of an apparent Heart attack.
      FWI, the viewing is Thursday Feb. 28th. at Zion Lutheran Church. W.300 S. New Palestine,IN 46163. visitation is 11:00am- 12:45pm. Memorial service at 1: pm.
      Mark H. aka- ” Diamond Dust”

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